US Doomsday Plane Nightwatch Spotted Flying Over Europe

US Doomsday Plane Nightwatch Spotted Flying Over Europe

As tensions with Russia continue to increase, the US “Doomsday Plane” has been observed flying over the English Channel. Both the United States and the Soviet Union commissioned Doomsday aircraft during the Cold War, when nuclear war appeared a real possibility. They are intended to serve as flying war chambers from which the leaders of the superpowers may issue directives in the event of a nuclear war.

The planes are theoretically capable of surviving a nuclear assault as well as the effects of an electromagnetic pulse while maintaining contact with other global leaders through satellite communication. According to the Mirror, the US’s National Airborne Operations Center was a retrofitted Boeing 747 E-4B jet dubbed Nightwatch that boasted a variety of defensive characteristics.

According to the US Air Force’s website, “the E-4B is shielded against the effects of electromagnetic pulse and features an electrical system intended to accommodate sophisticated electronics and a broad array of communications equipment.” “Through the airborne operations center, a sophisticated satellite communications system offers global connectivity for top commanders. Shielding against nuclear and thermal impacts, acoustic control, a better technical control facility, and an updated air-conditioning system for cooling electrical components are among the other enhancements.”

The planes can be refueled in the air, and they only need to descend once a week to grease the engine. The jet was seen completing training over Nebraska earlier this month, but Nightwatch is now accompanying the President on his trip to Europe to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the Mirror. Biden did not go aboard the jet, instead opting for Air Force One, a plane built more for luxury than for surviving a nuclear attack.

A doomsday jet built to serve as an airborne base for the US in the event of nuclear war has been observed flying over the United Kingdom. The Boeing 747 E4-B aircraft can stay in the air for days and can even resist a nuclear blast’s electromagnetic pulse. Since the Cold Conflict, Washington has had a fleet of the £150 million jets on hand to use as mobile bases in the event of a nuclear war.

At least one of the enormous planes is maintained ready to take off 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ‘Flying Pentagon,’ which was sighted taking off from the US as part of the convoy transporting the president to Europe, would hold top military officers and the defence secretary. The jet, the GRIM99: Nightwatch, was sighted taking off to accompany Joe Biden’s journey to Europe by keen-eyed plane observers. Biden traveled in on Air Force One to participate in what may be crucial discussions that will span four days.