Advantages and Disadvantage of Radio Advertising

Advantages of Radio Advertising

  • Reach a Large Group of People

Just like television, radio advertising has the ability to reach a very large group of people at the same time. You also have the ability to choose what station your advertisement plays on, which allows you to effectively choose your target audience. This is one of the most helpful qualities that radio advertising has to offer.

  • It’s Must More Affordable

There is much less that goes into a radio advertisement then, say, a television commercial. You save a large amount of money by avoiding expensive camera equipment, wardrobes, sets, actors, etc. While you save money on the commercial itself you also save quite a bit of money on the actual time you invest in to play your ad. A radio time slot is much more affordable than a television time slot,

  • You Can Produce Quickly

It can take weeks of work to put together a commercial for television, but when it comes to radio, you can turn them out fairly quickly. You even have the ability to make multiple ads at the same time, and use them for different networks or days. This allows you to keep your advertisements fresh and interesting, drawing in more listeners.

  • The Power of Radio

The world of radio is a pretty close-knit one. Radio hosts often have a large amount of influence over their viewers, and if you are able to get the host of the show to introduce your product, it is like getting a direct endorsement form them.

Disadvantages of Radio Advertising

  • There Are Key Spots

When it comes to radio, there are two times that just about everyone has tuned it, the morning and evening commute, These are the two times that you will see the most turn around for your radio ad. However, there are only so man! spots to go around, and you can end up paying a hefty price to land one on a well listened to station.

  • We All Change The Channel

It is no secret that just about everyone changes the station when the commercial began. There are so many other stations that are still playing music that it can be very difficult to get people to stay tuned in long enough to hear your advertisement. This is easily one of the biggest downfalls of radio advertising.

  • Not Good For All Products

Not all products and services are suited for radio advertisements. If you are trying to sell your new shoe designs, it can be very difficult to do so without a visual representation, which is completely impossible with radio.