Agencies of Mass Communication

Agencies of Mass Communication

Agencies of Mass Communication

Mass communication agencies are those organizations or bodies that collect and gather information from various sources and disseminate that information to a large number of audiences by using appropriate media. The important agencies of mass communication are discussed below:

Press association: Press associations collect various news, pictures, photographs etc. from different sources and disseminate them through newspapers, periodicals, television, radio and other news agencies. Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS), Eastern News agencies (ENA), Press Trust of India (PTI) etc. are the examples of press association.

Syndicate of reporters: The syndicates of reporters supply their collected background information, photographs and movies on various subjects, statements, entertainment features etc. to newspapers, television and radio.

Advertising agencies: Advertising agencies refer to the organizations whose function is to design advertisements for different business firms for broadcasting in different mass media like radio, television, newspaper etc. Ad Com, Ad Sign, Wonder Sign, Bitopi, Benchmark. Care Ad, Market Edge etc. are some of the advertising agencies in Bangladesh.

Advertisement department of organization: In many large organizations, there are separate advertisement departments to promote their own products in the market.

Public relations connecting firm: These firms circulate information of their client organizations through various media as directed by the concerned clients.

Research individuals or groups: Researchers evaluate the impact and outcomes of the collected information and advise the client to forward on more effective way for hearing or getting information.