Analyze the Importance of the Preservatives for Vinegar

The importance of the preservatives for vinegar in our daily life is given below:

Vinegar is a good preservatives it destroys the microorganism of food and since it is a mild acid it cannot harm the body. In addition it keeps the balance of PH in the body. The PH of aqueous solution of ethanoic acid is 2.35 which create a destructive atmosphere to grow the bacteria. It has no side effect on the food value. Since vinegar is easily soluble in aqueous medium so it can easily destroy the microorganism. Fish – meat are not attacked by the micro-organism when they are preserve using vinegar, even nutritional value does not change. For the canning of fish & meat vinegar is used as preservative.

Different seasonal fruits are also preserved using vinegar. Vegetables are also preserving using vinegar. For the above reason vinegar is most important preservative in our daily life.