What is semi-micro and micro analytical process?

Semi-micro analytical process: This the identification and quantitative analytical process of analytical chemistry.

The components needed for this process is more than a micro-analytical process but less than macro analytical process. This process is used to analyze the sample 10 mg to less than 100 mg. This process gives the idea about the produced element, radical or ions. In the group analysis system, this process is applied to determine the presence of alkali radicals. This process is very normal and less expensive.

Micro analytical process: This is the identification and quantitative components for analysis. In this case, the surface is of the analyze is less than 1cm2.

This process is applied in the modern spectroscopy, UV, IR, NMR, X-Ray, Mass spectrum etc. Again in chromatography, HPLC, GPLC, X-Ray diffraction, electrophoresis, the micro analytical process is followed. Since the amount of analyze is very small, the amount of produced wastage is very small so that the environment remains clean.