Child Labor: a Curse of Modem Society

Child Labor: a Curse of Modem Society

Child labor: A curse of modem society

Labor is a matter of dignity. But child labor is considered a matter of disgrace for a nation, because children are the future of a nation. If childhood is wasted in manual labor and in shouldering the family need, if the children are deprived of their rights to education and other privileges, they will not be able to lead the nation in future. In effect they become a long-standing burden on the nation. Child labor rips a great possibility in the bud. Child labor, thus, is the product of a faulty and unsupported social and economic system. It is a curse of modem civilization. That is why child labor is called modern slavery.

Causes: There are certain causes of child labor. Poverty is the root cause. As poor people can hardly maintain their family and educate their children, the education of the children is stopped at an early age and they are forced to do various manual labors to support their family. Low pay is another cause of child labor. Often employers offer low pay for certain jobs which the grownups do not do. Such kinds of jobs are done by children. So poverty, exploitation, deprivation, family need and lack of good monitoring of law are the causes of child labor.

Child labor; a sordid realty: Child labor is a sad reality of modern urban and industrial society. It is a degradation of humanity, a mockery of our civilization and advancement. Children are like flowers. At this age they are to go to school and there will be books and pens in their hand. But the tough and cruel reality force many children to leave school or not to go to school at all. Instead they take up hammer, bucket and handles of rickshaw or van in their hands, remain unfed, halt-clad, and bare-footed. Thus, their sad and heart-rending condition highlights only the distressed condition of the nation.