China launches “world’s first 6G test satellite”

China launches “world’s first 6G test satellite”

The telecommunications industry has not yet decided on specifications for the network. It is predicted that GG will be launched by 2030 when 5G is no longer enough for our needs, a university is already working on it, but at the moment it is only present as an idea – the number 6 and its combination letter G. 5G – The fifth generation of mobile internet technology, If you’ve ever wondered what “G” means – it’s just a dream come true in most parts of the world, but big technology already anticipates what will happen next.

Chinese engineers claim that the satellite, built jointly with Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology, China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology, and Beijing Weina Xingkong Technology, could dramatically increase data speeds.

The BBC reports that in this case higher speeds are achieved through the use of terahertz waves, a spectrum of radio frequencies in a much higher frequency range than we have used for communication so far.  From antennas to chips – the equipment we use will need to be modified or replaced, but if we do, we can transmit data at speeds of up to 1 TPS.

These bands have more capacity than previous cellular networks, operating in the microwave band between 700 MHz and 3 GHz.  5G uses higher frequency radio waves approximately 28 and 39 GHz to carry 5G data. The introduction of 5G is not yet as widespread as it would require new infrastructure for 6G, as it would require the necessary investment. Due to the shorter wavelengths, the range is shorter and the signals for transmitting data have to be carried by much smaller phone mast.

In a study, researchers found that in May of this year, 0% of UK residents thought the Covid-19 was connected to 5G which claimed to have injured knees connected to WiFi. Switching to 6G will probably come with some social challenges. 5G has become the subject of a lot of conspiracy theories in the last year or so, linking it to the false Covid-19 epidemic.

The satellite was launched into orbit alongside 12 other satellites, which will be used for observing the Earth, such as crop disasters and forest fires. Still, there was no conspiracy theory involved with 6G, although we’re sure it’s just a matter of time.