Why companies use marketing channels?

Marketing channel is related to the ways the services and the products are distributed. The concept of channels in marketing can be applied to promotional channels which include direct marketing or the indirect marketing and the distribution channels. Both of the concepts are very important and there are various reasons because of which the companies have to focus on the selection of these channels.

For example, distribution channels increase the convenience of the customers to get a product or a service. When the accessibility of the customer’s increases for a specific product then the demand also increases. Therefore, there are retailers and the wholesalers in the market. Marketing channels also increase the visibility of the products in the market. They can show the efficient process of the company like service layout. These channels can also make the company aware of the demands and needs of the customers. If a company has outsourced a distribution company and the company is not able to convey the objective of the manufacturing company and these distributors can have a negative impact on the image of the company. In other words, marketing channels also impact the image of the company in the market.