Contributions of Mendel in the Field of Genetics

Genetics along with Mendel’s two laws and research is now established as a mentionable branch of Biology. Mendel is now called the father of genetics for his notable research.

The contribution of Mendel in the field of genetics knows no bound because he himself is the discoverer of mo laws of genetics. He made a research on genetics for long seven years. His subject matter of research was pea plants. He made a research between two pea plants of contrasting characteristics and detected the expressed variation or difference in the individual of next generation.

Mendel chose the seven following different pairs of pea plants of contrasting characteristics:

i) Yellow seed cotyledon versus green seed cotyledon.

ii) Round seed versus wrinkled seed

iii) Colored seed coat versus colorless (white) seed coat

iv) Swollen fruit versus crop fruits.

v) Axile flower versus apical flower

vi) Green fruit versus yellow fruits

vii) Long stem versus short stem

He established two laws where he showed how the parental characters are transferred to progeny.