Describe Basic Properties of Magnets

Describe Basic Properties of Magnets

Basic properties of magnets:

(i) When the magnet is dipped in iron filings, they cling to the ends of the magnet. The attraction is maximum at the two ends of the magnet. These ends are called poles of the magnet.

(ii) When a magnet is freely suspended, it always points along north-south direction. The pole pointing towards geographic north is called north pole N and the pole which points towards geographic south is called south pole S.

(iii) Magnetic poles always exist in pairs. (i.e) isolated magnetic pole does not exist.

(iv) The magnetic length of a magnet is always less than its geometric length, because the poles are situated a little inwards from the free ends of the magnet. (But for the purpose of calculation the geometric length is always taken as magnetic length.)

(v) Like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other. North pole of a magnet when brought near north pole of another magnet, we can observe repulsion, but when the north pole of one magnet is brought near south pole of another magnet, we observe attraction.

(vi) The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is given by Coulomb’s inverse square law.

In recent days, the concept of magnetic poles has been completely changed. The origin of magnetism is traced only due to the flow of current. But anyhow, we have retained the conventional idea of magnetic poles in this chapter. Pole strength is denoted by m and its unit is ampere metre.