Distinctiveness of Plants and Animals

Distinctiveness of Plants and Animals

Distinctiveness of Plants and Animals

Taking some major distinctiveness from numerous, now measure up to plants with animals.

Size and shape: Plants have no specific size and shape whereas animals have distinct size and shape.

Growth: In proper surroundings development of many plants persist for a long time. Growth in animals takes place up to a assured period of life and development ceases after that

Life Time: Life time is not incomplete for plants and under appropriate conditions they live for a long time. But animals live up to a definite length of time under appropriate situation.

Movement: Nearly most land plants stay put fixed in soil with the help of roots as a consequence they cannot move. But some organs of plants may show some movement. A few animals (Such as Sponge) are not able of movement. Most of the animals can move freely.

Nature of Food: Plants cannot take hard food. Animals can take solid and liquid type of food.

Nutrition: Plants are autotrophic; it can organize food throughout photosynthesis. Animals cannot organize their own food. For foods they are to depend on plants and other animals.

Structure of Cell: A Plant cell has dead cell wall. Most of the grown-up cells have a huge vacuole and plastids. The animal cell has no cell wall and it contains small vacuoles and centrioles.

Reproduction: Plants reproduce by vegetative, asexual and sexual methods. Reproduction in animals mostly takes consign by sexual way. Vegetative and asexual reproduction might be found in some animals.

There are different systems in animal body. But plants have no body system.