Egypt responds to Elon Musk’s advice Pyramids were created by aliens

Egypt responds to Elon Musk’s advice Pyramids were created by aliens
Elon Musk continues his Twitter presence for the chaos in Australia, fresh from winning a defamation suit last year after inadvertently calling a British cave explorer involved in rescuing 12 Thai boys trapped in a flooded underground cave system yesterday this year. Where many of the top people in successful companies use their platforms for important business updates, industry chatter or other fun, earlier this year Tesla and SpaceX CEO deleted $14 billion worth of Tesla “Tesla share price too imo”.

“Coronavirus panic is dumb” and “based on current trends”, probably close to zero new cases in the United States by the end of April”. Just days after the World Health organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic in March; he used his platform to tweet to his 37.4 million followers. By the end of April, the U.S. was seeing more than 25,000 new cases every day. Now, he has turned his Twitter feed into a gathering place for conspiratorial theorists, with the bait post “Outsiders made pyramids”.

Although the tweets were probably tongue-in-cheek, it provoked a reaction from Egypt’s Minister for International Cooperation, Rania al-Mashat, who invited Musk to visit the pyramids for himself and learn how they were actually built. Musk followed the tweet, obviously a joke but must have been taken seriously by some of his fans, “The Great Pyramid is the longest man-made structure in 3,800 years”, and shared a link on Wikipedia.

Contrary to another popular misconception, they were not created by slaves. After the publication of the workers” village and cemetery on the pyramids at Khafre and Menkaure in the 1990s, the current consensus Low was built by salaried workers. Evidence has been found that broken bones have been restored and that a person had his leg amputated before he could live even more than 14 years, suggesting that they had been treated. The method of burying the workers – in the mud-brick tombs, with beer and bread to take them later – and the proximity of the pyramids suggest that the builders were salaried workers. Examination of their remains revealed that they had a protein-rich diet, which was unheard of at the time.

The giant blocks were driven by boats, bullocks and they were dragged on a sled by workers across the wet sand, reducing the amount of force they needed to remove the huge rocks. If the aliens built the pyramids, you probably don’t see the progress that has been made in the pyramids, as engineers use larger blocks over time. It’s a bizarre alien civilization that can dramatically improve their masons by creating a pyramid on inter-center travel. How they were built, the answer is simple: the ancient Egyptians were skilled engineers and put a lot of time and a huge workforce into this work.

Musk was later attached to a piece explaining some of the techniques used to build the pyramids, perhaps making the Egyptian-type offer unnecessary, although apparently his conspiracy theories can be seen by fans.