Organizational Behavior

Employee Satisfaction affects Customer Satisfaction

The literature offers several explanations as to why employee satisfaction affects customer satisfaction:

  • Employees that interact with customers are in a position to develop awareness of and respond to customer goals and needs.
  • Satisfied employees are motivated employees; that is, they have the motivational resources to deliver adequate effort and care.
  • Satisfied employees are empowered employees; in other words, they have the resources, training, and responsibilities to understand and serve customer needs and demands.
  • Satisfied employees have high energy and willingness to give good service: at a very Minimum, they can deliver a more positive perception of the service/product provided.
  • Satisfied employees can provide customers with interpersonal sensibility and social account It has been suggested that these components of interactional justice have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. According to this view, because satisfied employees experience interactional justice, they can deliver it; that is, satisfied employees have enough emotional resources to show empathy, understanding. respect, and concern.