Factors to be Considered in Writing Order Letter

Factors to be Considered in Writing Order Letter

Factors to Be Considered in Writing Order Letter or Contents of Order Letter

Through order letter, the potential buyers request the suppliers to deliver goods to them. In modem time, printed order blanks or purchase order forms supplied by the seller are typically used for placing orders. However, in absence of order blanks and purchase order forms, order letters are written. Such letters contain three major categories of information:

  1. Information about the items being ordered;
  2. Information relating to shipping, and
  3. Information relating to payment.

Information about the items being ordered: An order letter must contain full particulars of goods ordered. Such information includes the followings:

Product name, Brand name, Quantity, Catalog number, Model number, Color, Size, Weight, Unit price etc.

Information relating to shipping: Shipping information is very important. In absence of shipping information, there can arise misunderstanding between buyer and seller. Shipping information may include the followings:

  • Desired receipt date;
  • Desired shipping location; and
  • Mode of shipping (rail, road, or waterways).

Information relating to payment: Mode of payment of prices for the ordered items must be clearly indicated. The seller will accept the order letter only when both of them come to a common ground relating to payment of price. Payment information includes the following:

  • Mode of payment (cash, cheque, draft)
  • Payment date.

The above stated factors are usually included in order letter. However, the buyer can include any other instruction or element if he thinks necessary.