Giraffes are being rescued for protection through crocodile-infested waters

Giraffes are being rescued for protection through crocodile-infested waters

The giraffes first returned to Longicharo Island in 2011 to spend the days of what was once the largest landmass on Baringo Lake. However, severe flooding has put rivers at risk of reclaiming land and endangering both wildlife and residential humans. Only an estimated 1,600 of these animals remain in the wild, of which 800 are confined to Kenya and therefore protecting each of them has long been a priority for conservationists.

In the story of the power of Noah the Great, the 44,000-acre wildlife sanctuary was threatened when the floodwaters settled on the island. To make matters worse, the ever-shrinking Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy, founded in 2006, was home to a handful of giraffes from Rothschild, the world’s most endangered giraffe species. 

With the flood of to horizons on the horizon, it was clear that it was time to move the giraffes, and so the rangers regularly came back to the island and back to keep the stray giraffes with food and to check their health. Collaborative efforts by the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Northern Rangelands Trust, and Save Giraffes Now began designing a raft. However, even the most giraffe-friendly float is at risk if you are transporting an

Unintentional passengers, so they also had to make sure that the animals would not get on board at once. To get them used to the cast life, they spent months getting acquainted with the barge and securing a giraffe hood that would cover their eyes on the way to safety.

Everywhere it seemed, and so it was time to make the first attempt with an adult named Asiwa, who mumbled lightly before the voyage began so that there was no dramatic attempt to jump aboard. Thanks to the dedication of the administrative agency and the cooperation of the local community, Asiwa completed the journey safely, which took her a mile through the land of crocodile. On the other hand, he found a newly established Ruko giraffe sanctuary, which would eventually protect and protect all eight of the expatriate  Rothschilds.