Here’s how to block all unwanted callers on your iPhone and enable “dark mode”

Here’s how to block all unwanted callers on your iPhone and enable “dark mode”
Spam and Scam calls are so annoying like hell. You can sign up for the Do Not Call registry or opt-out using the telephone preference service in the UK; it often doesn’t seem to stop calls coming. Usually gives you something extra to talk to the cool callers before they call again next week. A new option will allow you to keep “unknown callers silent”. Apple has tried to give you the option to turn off these annoying calls in the latest update iOS 13 as Spam and scam calls are as annoying as hell.

The new option uses “Siri Wisdom" to prevent unknown callers and spammers from going through. Apple explains that the feature only allows you to ring from your contacts, your mail, and messages just to let you know. All other callers will be sent to your voicemail, where all of the most determined spammers usually leave the phone and hang up.

You no longer have to turn off your phone in bed to let your partner sleep, and you can continue to satisfy your unhealthy addiction without interruption. oh huh. In addition to blocking spammers, the new update introduces a new “dark mode” that looks like you’re leaving the grid off the mix, but in reality, a new color scheme designed to keep your eyes low is the light environment.

When it is released later this year, you’ll be able to connect to a new WiFi network without having to navigate your way through the settings menu. Instead, if you make a long press on the WiFi icon in the Control Center menu, the available networks will appear on them, which is much easier. As well as the full host of new privacy settings (including notifying you when an app tracks your location in your background), the new update can also read messages and notifications coming to you via your AirPods, And the health app is likely to start and end your period for the next three cycles and will notify you when your fertile window is approaching. If you can’t wait for the release of new updates to block spam calls, the beta version is available to the public.