Pinterest Quietly Launches a Livestreaming App for Video Creators

Pinterest Quietly Launches a Livestreaming App for Video Creators

Pinterest debuted a new app on Monday that makes it easier for producers to livestream to the network. According to the app’s description, the new Pinterest TV Studio app for iOS and Android will allow chosen producers to go live on Pinterest as well as use numerous devices to achieve varied camera views. The launch of the app was not announced by the corporation, maybe because it is not yet available to all developers. Instead, when the app first launches, producers must input a code or scan a barcode provided by Pinterest to have access to the app’s livestreaming features.

The launch of a dedicated livestreaming app, on the other hand, is another another example of Pinterest reconsidering its position in the larger social media ecosystem, where TikTok’s success has driven other platforms to take a video-first approach. Today, major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube all include a TikTok-style short video function, and the most of them also allow users to create live video content. Meanwhile, Pinterest has been focusing on video with the introduction of Idea Pins, a video-first mix of TikTok-style short-form video content and tappable Stories. During last week’s earnings call, the business stated that the save rate of Idea Pins had increased by over 25% quarter over quarter.

Pinterest users who follow numerous video artists on the site are more likely to visit the site than those who do not, according to the business. Meanwhile, Pinterest announced the debut of Pinterest TV in November, a series of live, shoppable films from producers in the culinary, home, fashion, beauty, DIY, and other categories. The shows are broadcast live and subsequently made available for on-demand watching. At the time of introduction, the site was exclusively available to a small group of hand-picked creators, including Christian Siriano, Monica Suriyage, Tom Daley, Manny MUA, Robyn Schall, and others. It had tried livestreamed events inside the Pinterest app with prominent artists earlier this year.

The brand-new Pinterest TV Studio app has been available on the App Store and Google Play since May 2, 2022, according to Sensor Tower data. There haven’t been enough downloads for the app to be ranked on any app store charts, and the company isn’t able to estimate overall downloads at this time. Outside of the United States, the app is available in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, indicating a potential worldwide extension of Pinterest TV operations.

Pinterest issued a statement confirming the app’s debut but saying it didn’t have any other information at this time. “We’re always experimenting with new methods to help Creators bring their ideas to life,” a spokesman said. “With more Creators generating unique programs with Pinterest TV on the Platform, we’re constantly experimenting with new ways to help Creators bring their ideas to life.”