Internal Functional and Structure of Export Promotion Bureau

Internal Functional and Structure of Export Promotion Bureau

Internal Functional and Structure of Export Promotion Bureau

Export promotion has been defined as “those public policy measures which actually or potentially enhance exporting activity at the company, industry, or national level”. To increase the foreign currency the development of export is the must. The foreign trade contributes a lot to the economic development of the country. To increase and develop the export of the country the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) plays a very important role.

Apart from the administrative committee, the EPB has an internal functional organizational Structure. The vice chairman of the Administrative Committee is the chief of the EPB. EPS has five directional divisions in it. These are as follows:

  1. Administrative and Finance Division
  2. Commodity Division
  3. Information Division
  4. Fair and Exhibition Division
  5. Policy and Planning Division

Points are discussed below-

Administrative and Finance Division- They are in charge of managing and confirming all the administrative and financial function of the EPB. The sub-chief he rectory of the bureau is the chief of this division.

Commodity Division- One of the executives of the bureau is its chief. The main function of this division is to provide advice, guidance and help to the exporter of the various exportable products. It also develops and collects exportable products like various agricultural products and products of the cottage industry.

Information Division- This division performs the function of formulation various rules and regulation related to the export policy; collecting, analyzing data to the market of various products with an aim to provide there to the exporters and prospected future exporters; advertising the product, formulating various reports of the bureau etc. One of the executives of the bureau is its chief.

Fair and Exhibition Division- This division is also under an executive of EPB. The various functions of this division are:

  • Participating in various international trade fairs and exhibitions in both developing countries like Laos, Bangladesh and in abroad.
  • Arranging trade fairs of the exportable items in developing countries like Bangladesh, Laos to create the market there abroad helping the exporters to participate in the trade fair.

Policy and planning Division- The functions of this division are formatting various policies with objectives to create the market of the exportable products of developing countries like Laos, Bangladesh in the foreign countries by notifying all the related parties of the policy. The division formulates all these policies by analyzing and considering the markets of various places, their demands, and prices etc.

Thus we can say that die description of all these division dictates indicates the overall function of the EPB.