Promoter means an entity that plans a project or formation of a new firm, and then sells or promotes the plan or idea to others. He is accountable for promoting the features of a product to an audience or client. Shows how manufactured goods work takes questions, and attempts to influence customers or clients to purchase a product.

Promoters may be classified into the following types.

Professional promoters: There are firms which focus on business promotion, including its amalgamation and flotation, before handing it over to the shareholders or their representatives.

Occasional promoters: These promoters take attention in floating some companies. They are not engaged in promotion work on a usual basis. They take up the promotion of a few companies and once it is ended they go to their original occupation. For example, engineers, lawyers etc. may float some companies.

Entrepreneur promoters: They are both promoters and entrepreneurs. They regard the proposal of a new business component, do the foundation to ascertain it, and might afterward become an ingredient of the administration.

Financier promoters: Some financial institutions, like investment banks or industrial banks, might take up the promotion of a company with a view to verdict opportunities for investment.