Motivation for Conducting Business

Generally, motivation means the way of fulfilling the need, desire, concept, aspiration, expectation, interest, intention, and satisfaction. Here business motivation means the causes for doing business or chooses business as the career. This is why people motivate to conduct business.

E. B. Flippo Said, “A career can be defined as the sequence of separate but related work activities that provides continuity, order and meaning in a person’s life.”

So business is one of the best ways of building the career by a person. People can earn profit from business and enjoy an independent profession. For this reason many people like the business. Significant and real causes of business motivation are given below:

  1. Creation of employment: Business creates employment not only for the businessmen but also for the employees of the business organization. Since business is the occupation of freedom, many people like to build up their career through the business. So in the organization, people are employed as a result businessman creates employment for his own and for the people who are employed in the business organization.
  2. Livelihood: Businessman is involved in the business to earn their livelihood. They need money for their lives. They prefer business for many reasons but sometimes people involved with business without getting the desired job or services.
  3. Profits: Business is an activity by which entrepreneurs make their living, or earn the profit. Making profit is an essential nature of the business. Profit is the largest stimulus for maintaining the continuity of business. In other words, profit is essential for survival and development of the business organization. The hope of making a good profit attracts human being for conducting business.
  4. Independent occupation: The businessman is the centre of all business activities. As an entrepreneur, he decides what to produce, how to produce and who will carry out the business related activities in the organization. He decides how many employees hire and how much willing to pay them. The entrepreneur formulates the business plans and executes the plan for achieving organizational goals.
  5. Social welfare: Business means dealing with goods and services. The goods may be consumers’ goods, such as cloth, bread, shoes, watch etc or producers’ goods, such as machine and Services consist of those items which are not stored by consumers such as, transport services, tailoring, communication etc. By providing goods and services business makes social welfare.
  6. The desire for power and leadership: High ambition, power and desire for leadership are the motivational factors of a businessman. The businessmen involved in the business to get these attributes by business. Now-a-days businessmen are very powerful persons of the country. They are playing the vital role to build up the comity properly.
  7. Saving of family Business: Many businessmen involve in business by their families. To save the family business many people carry on the business. It is one of the important causes to involve in business.
  8. Development of country: The primary objective of business should be the satisfaction of human wants through the supply of quality goods at reasonable prices. It is the social responsibilities of the businessman to help the country by paying the taxes and other government revenues properly.
  9. Realization of a dream: Sometimes entrepreneurs of the business buildup dream about business. To make the realization of this dream they face many problems but their interests, intuitions etc solve these problems and they create a business organization for themselves and the society.
  10. Assistance to future: People involved in business to create the opportunity to earn the livelihood of future. Since people become older they cannot continue their services. But in business they can earn money by little work and their children and other family members can carry on the business in the absence of the entrepreneur. For this reason many people like business as their career.

To sum up, the business may be said any enterprise which makes, distributes or provides any product or service which is needed to other members of the community. And business transactions are essentially measured in terms of money and monetary value. So people are motivated to conduct business as their own satisfaction and to help the society.