Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

[An acceptance of resignation letter can provide several purposes. It is mainly your official written response to a resignation letter that you receive from an employee, which in most cases you will corroborate. It is best to keep this letter positive and if you can, extend your admiration for the work that is done. Besides, it’s a good method to give the solution of a letter of recommendation, which you can write if the employee requests this from you.]


Your Name…

Job Designation….

Department name and company name…

Sub: Resignation Acceptance Letter

Employee Name…

Job Designation….

Department name…


Dear [Employee Name],

It is with be sorry that I acknowledge and accept your letter of resignation on this (Date) as (Job designation) in the (Department Name and Company name). We are really sorry that you have determined to leave, but we can only respect your will and wish you the best in your next attempt. This is to prove the acceptance of your resignation which we received on [date]. In agreement with to your contract, your last working day will be [date]. We are sure that you will continue to perform to your best abilities for the remaining period as you have always done. We would also like to thank you for your efforts while you were at [company name].

We are grateful for the work you have done over the past years in this department. Your contributions and devotion to distinction have helped the company understand marvelous success and grow to be a leader in the industry.

I am thankful for the early notice and your pledge to hand over your duties as entire as doable. It is always hard to reinstate reliable and devoted employees like yourself. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



Name and Job designation….



Note –

Resignation Acceptance Letter Writing Tips:

  • Acknowledge the date of receiving the resignation letter or email.
  • Advise the employee of formalities to be completed regarding the depart procedure.
  • Optionally, state your regret of the employee’s departure.
  • Maintain a formal and cordial tone.
  • Acknowledge their assistance and achievements. Thank them for their work and dedication.
  • Wish them good luck.