Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

[A resignation acknowledgment letter is sent by the company to a person who has passed his or her resignation letter. This letter acknowledges receipt of the resignation of a worker, and more accurately defines terms and conditions set beside employee about his objective to leave the company. The letter mostly shows acceptance but in some cases, but if the employer is very eager about keeping the employee, he may give in enhanced offers, influence him or make him comprehend his value. This letter is always a positive tone.]


Name and Surname of an employee


Ref: Resignation letter from DD/MM/YYYY

Sub: Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Dear Ms/Mr. Name,

This is to inform you that your letter of resignation dated (date of resignation letter) has been accepted by (mention your company name), after offsetting your outstanding leave days. We exceedingly welcome that you informed us with adequate notice to organize the transfer of your responsibilities to the new colleague.

The management has also accepted discern for (mention notice period) service as you had requested in your letter. Please continue to discharge your duties by (last date of an employee in the company as particular in resignation letter). Please make sure that your company ID card and company phone are handed over to the HR department by the end of your last functioning day with us. If you think to have any finances due to you, you may speak to the Accounts Department for approval.

Bearing in mind our successful assistance during the time you spent with our company we will convey a reference letter in due time. Please feel free to request a reference should you want one. We wish you all the best in your career.

Yours sincerely,


Name Surname…

HR Department.




A basic resignation acknowledgment letter includes the following details:

  • The name of the employee who is resigning and job position of the resigning employee.
  • The date that the resignation letter has been received by the management
  • The date that the resignation acknowledgment letter has been given
  • The message of acknowledgment regarding the receipt of the resignation letter of the employee
  • The benefit and pay and stopped being given and provided particularly those that are under the company’s account and business name.