Three Periods are related to developing the Cooperative Society

Three Periods are related to developing the Cooperative Society

Three periods are related to developing the cooperative society

Cooperative society was originated from the word of co-operating which indicates assistance. Society means association or collection of a group of people. So, Cooperative society means assistance of the society where a few people create a democratic institution voluntarily. Earning profit is not the main goal of cooperative society, rather prosperity of the members, ensuring the rights and dignity, develop, the worse situation, change the fate, believes, honesty, economic as well as increase the aides is the main goals of this society.

(a) Ancient Age: Human being had been living collectively from the ancient period. What they have done as like: animals hunting, fishing etc. were done as a whole. As a result, they have increased their assistance which would lead to cooperate in the next time and formed a specific type of business is cooperative society.

(b) Middle Age: The willingness of cooperation concept was increased on this period. At first, in America, the movement of cooperation originated in this period in 1665 P.C. Plock Boy organized an economic organization including furrier, labors and so on. Next time on the basis of this organization cooperation movement builds up various countries of the world. At last, it became successful. Mr. Boucher led a movement and became successful in French. Mr. King & Mr. Boucher came forward to organize consumers’ cooperative society and producers’ cooperative society. At last, it is scattered in the whole world very rapidly.

(c) Modern and Industrial Revolution: From the middle of 18 decades to 19 decades industrial revolution broke out in the whole Europe. Especially in England by which small industries were closed as well as immense productions were made. That’s why owners of the small industries as well farmers, labors lost their rights to create huge unemployment problem. To get rid of all sorts of repression low income generated of people built-up the cooperative society. The cooperative society greatly popular all over the world whenever Mr. Boyvel occasionally organized cooperative society along with a few greater in 1844 in England.