Top 10 Strategies to Win Customers

Top 10 Strategies to Win Customers

Top 10 Strategies to Win customers

There are hundreds of tactics to attract customers but there 10 key strategies can help any marketing program design more effective tactics to win customers. There are not in any order of preference and often are and should be combined. All strategies should include relationships.

Lowest Price: Manage business processes to lower transaction costs, inventory costs, procurement costs and all variable and fixed cost. Example: Wal-mart.

Best Value in Class: Create a competitive combination of price, quality, service and target specific niches. Example: McDonald’s.

Highest Quality: Provide the unquestionable clarity that high quality exists as a leader in all classes. Example- Lexus.

Access/Convenience: Your products and services are available when customers are ready to buy. Example: Taco Bell.

Timing: Your products/services show up precisely at the right time in the right place for the right reasons Example:

Relationship: By creating and maintaining relationships with your customers over time they automatically are introduced to increased layers of more complex services as the relationship continues to grow and develop. Example: Banking.

Great Service: Unquestionably the leader in service before, during, and after the salt. Example: Nordstrom.

The dream: Why do we look under bottle caps, scratch off the sides of French fries, or buy lottery tickets, even when the odds make no sense? Example: Find Yoda; Pepsi.

Progression: The next product/service in a line of products and service offerings. Example: Beanie Babies or Insurance.