Export Trade

Export Trade

Export Trade

In general sense to send products to another country is export. But export means to sell the products to different countries. Export is a very important part of foreign trade. They are the goods and services produced in one country and purchased by citizens of another country. Some important definitions of export by authors are given below:

Skinner and Evancevich: “Exporting is selling domestic made goods in another country.”

David J. Rachman: “Exporting is selling and shipping goods or services to another country”.

M.Rosenberg: “Export means to send an item or service out of one sovereign country to another for purposes of sale”.

By analyzing these definitions we get some characteristics-

  • The seller and the buyer of these businesses countries must be from two different countries.
  • Two dependent and sovereign countries are essential.
  • To sell the products out of the own area set the country.
  • To obtain some rules and regulations to sell the products.

So, Export means the procedure which is followed to sell the products of one country another. The man who exports the products is called exporter.