The advantages of a meeting

In the business, organizations meeting are used for a variety of purpose. There are some advantages of the meeting which are stated below:

  • Democratic process

The meeting is a democratic process of taking a decision. None can blame other for the decision because it is taken in presence of all the members.

  • Improve decision

Improve decision can be taken through the meeting. Because every matter is discussed pros and cons and nothing is left over unconsidered. A proverb says “Two heads are better than one.”

  • Participate management

Participate management can be materialized through a meeting. Al the departmental heads and supervisors may sit together for taking a decision.

  • Help in co-ordination

The meeting can help for co-coordinating the work as a whole because all the parties or members are presented at the meeting.

  • Covey information to a large gathering

The meeting can convey information for all departments. Besides the presented members exchange their views, idea, opinion, and feeling at a large gathering.

  • Others:

Provide necessary information to a group of people, report on some incidents or activities, create involvement and interest, formulate policies etc.