How can visual aids help to improve communication?

The communication which is done through sight is called visual communication. Such as facial expression, gesture, eye contact, signals, map, chart, poster etc. it also includes graphic design, illustration and animation, books, print, magazines, screen-based media, interactive web design, short film, design for advertising, promotion, corporate identity and packaging design etc.

Nowadays, most of the business organizations are using visual techniques to present the information. It is becoming very popular day by day. The visual presentation is beneficial for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Effective for the illiterate receiver: If the receivers are illiterate, the visual communication will be more effective to exchange information. They can easily understand the information that is presented visually.
  2. Helps in oral communication: Visual techniques can be used with oral Oral communication becomes more meaningful if graphs, pictures, and diagrams are used with it.
  3. Easy explanation: Everyone can explain the meaning of it very easily. An easy explanation has made the visual techniques more popular.
  4. Simple presentation: Complex information, data, and figures can be easily presented very simply on graphs, pictures, and diagrams.
  5. Prevents wastage of time: Visual techniques help to prevent the wastage of time. Written and oral communication takes much time to exchange information. But a number of receivers can be communicated at a time through visual methods. Helps with a quick decision. Visual communication helps to take quick decision. So management prefers visual techniques to communicate with others.
  6. Popular: Visual communication is very much popular because people do not like much speech and long explanation rather than a chart of an agrarian.
  7. Others: Artful presentation, Ads impact to the information, quicker understanding.