Major challenges to the development of Global System

Major challenges to the development of Global System

The global system is the developing communications framework intended to eventually connect all telecommunications and computer networks worldwide. Sometimes called a network of networks, the GII would eventually make all electronically stored or transmitted information accessible from anywhere on the planet.

Followings are the challenges to developing a global system:

(1) Global business or IT strategic: Many firms are- moving toward transnational strategies in which they integrate their global business or IT applications through close cooperation and interdependence among their international subsidiaries and their corporate headquarters. I3usiness are moving away from:

  • Multi-national strategies: When foreign subsidiaries operate autonomously,
  • International strategies: In which foreign subsidiaries are autonomous but are dependent on headquarters for a new process, products ideas.
  • Global strategies: Global strategies where a company’s worldwide operations are closely managed by corporate headquarter.

(2) Business application portfolio: The application of information technology developed by global companies depends on their global business/IT strategies and .their expertise and experience in IT.

(3) Internet-based technology platform: Internet and the World Wide Web have now become vital components’ in international business commerce. Within a few years, the Internet with its interconnected network of thousands of networks of computer and database has established itself as a technology platform free of ‘many traditional international boundaries and limit. But connecting their business to this online global infrastructure, companies can expand their market reduce communication and distribution cost and provide their profit margin without massive cost out less for new telecommunication facilities.

(4) Data resources management/Data access issue: Global data access global business operation been a subject of political controversies and technology barriers in lo operation for many years but have become more visible with the growth of the internet and the pressures of e-commerce. A major example is the issue of trans-border data force (TBD) flows, in which business data flow across the international border over the telecommunications networks of the global information system.

(5) System development: Just imagine the challenges of developing efficient, elective. and responsible application for business end user domestically. Then multiply that by the number of countries and culture that may use an e-business system. That’s the challenges of managing global system development.