Meaning of Formal Communication

Meaning of Formal Communication

Meaning of Formal Communication

The communication that occurs in accordance with the established rules, regulations, procedures, and systems is known as formal communication. Formal communication follows officially recognized rules and regulations and maintains all the formalities of communication. It is also called official communication.

Some definitions of formal communication are quoted below:

In the opinion of L.C. Bovee and his associates, “Formal communication is the flow of information that is dictated by the organization’s official structure.”

According to Bovee and others, “Formal communication is the formal flow of communication that follows the official chain of command.”

Bartol & Martin defined, “Formal communication refers to vertical and horizontal communication that follows paths specified by the official hierarchic& organizational structure and related task requirements.”

According to C. B. Mamoria, “Formal communications are those that are ‘official’, that are a part of recognized communication system which is involved in the operations of the organization.”

Formal communication may occur within or outside the organization. Within the organization, it may take the form of downward, upward, or horizontal pattern. Formal communication within the organization takes place through memo, work- assignment, directives, conferences etc. On the other hand, formal communication with the outside parties occurs through press release, annual report etc.

At last, we can conclude that formal communication is the exchange of information by following officially prescribed rules, regulations, systems, directions, chain of command, formalities etc.