Meaning of Two-way Communication

Meaning of Two-way Communication

Meaning of Two-way Communication

Two-way communication occurs when the receiver sends response or feedback to the sender’s message. In the two-way communication process, the sender first transmits the message to the receiver. After receiving a message, the receiver decodes it and then sends back his/her reaction to the sender.

In two-way communication, information flows in two ways: information from the sender to receiver and response from receiver to the sender. So it is regarded as the complete communication process.

Two-way communication may occur horizontally or vertically in the organization. When information is exchanged between superior and subordinate, it is known as vertical two-way communication. On the other hand, when communication takes place between persons holding the same rank or position, it is called horizontal two-way communication. Two-way communication is represented in the following diagrams:

two way communication

By nature, face-to-face and telephonic conversations are examples of two-way communication. In the case of written communication, two-way flow of information will occur when the receiver sends feedback.

In fine, it can be said that the communication process having provision for feedback is termed as two-way communication.