The colorful footage of New York in 1911

The colorful footage of New York in 1911
In 1911, a Swedish film production company stormed the streets of New York City and shot a group of footage. A few years ago, Guy Jones uploaded the footage to YouTube and it went viral and now Denis Shirayev – who recently presented The Arrival of a Train in La Ciota – has colored the footage using neural networks and it has risen to 60 fps and 4K resolution. The footage taken in New York City was colored and presented using artificial intelligence more than 100 years after it was shot, and the results were astonishing.

In addition to giving it some color, Denis Shirayev raised the framerate to fra0 frames per second, raised the resolution of the image to 4K, and restored sharpness. The results are several. From that footage, other YouTubers (it’s better to have your YouTube work here, it likes your anti-wax and pseudoscience contents a lot more) were able to sit down and color it using neural networks.

It uses two neural networks – generators and critics. Coloring old movies and photographs are not the first AI, but it is much more believable. The color was added using GitHub’s open-source AI tool DeOldify to recreate images and videos using Generator Advertising Networks (GAN).

“It comes from the training of the coloring model to involve the second model – the “critic” – which basically teaches the “critique” of the coloring and the “generator” to create a better image, creator Jason told Antique Hackernoon. Since the “critic” model is also a neural network, the ease with which it makes
something looks “realistic” that simple method can not only do, but many may also consider.”

The shots fired by the Lumia brothers went viral. There has been a bit of a craze lately for “early” video footage (we’re not complaining). Recover version of the arrival of the train at La Ciotat station earlier this year 1896.

The train arriving at a station doesn’t sound that thrilling but the original version surprised the audience after the first version was released. You probably know this footage from stories of how people reacted when they first saw it. Rumor has it that when it first appeared, the audience panicked and stamped the movie to get out of the way of the train.