The Terminally-Ill Scientist aims to become the “first complete Cyborg”

The Terminally-Ill Scientist aims to become the “first complete Cyborg”
Dr. Peter Bowman Scott-Morgan is English-American robotic suffering from amyotrophic lacrimal sclerosis (ALS). This deteriorating situation pushed Scott-Morgan to a bold approach to fight it and, in his words, “the world’s first full Cyborg”. He claims he is now Peter 2.0. Doctors inserted a feeding tube directly into her abdomen, inserted a catheter directly into her bladder, and a colostomy bag into her colon. The robotic announced on Twitter in October that it was going through
four treatment modalities to improve its quality of life and length. He also underwent a laryngectomy, a procedure where doctors surgically remove the part of your body that connects the mouth and nose to the lungs. Except for his laziness, he can no longer speak to his natural voice but does not risk accidentally
accumulating saliva in his lungs. She is now breathing with difficulty.

All the speeches are synthetic but like the last one, I hear again. Long research road ahead but in great spirits” Scott-Morgan wrote in a tweet, “Home from 24 days in intensive care. All treatment methods are now complete and a huge success. My mini-ventilator keeps me breathing much quieter than Darth Vader.

Scott-Morgan won the A.L.S. Was identified and he is committed to using his skills to reduce the symptoms of the disease. On his website, he claims that this is the “test of his life” and how he plans to use his knowledge to live with this extreme disability, not just to survive. He further hopes that his work can help other people currently living among people with extreme disabilities. More than 220,000 people worldwide live with ALS.

He will also make major upgrades to his chair to make it easier to move around his home efficiently, and will receive laser eye surgery to better read and control the computer screen with his eyes. Over time, his eyes are the only muscle he will
be able to control.

Dr. Scott-Morgan lives in English County, Daven, with her husband, Francis. A documentary detailing his journey to becoming a “Cyborg”  will be released early next year.