The “World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot” Can Now Have Full Conversations

The “World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot” Can Now Have Full Conversations

Ameca, a robot with lifelike facial emotions created to be a seamless link between human and robot interaction, recently entered our lives. He is equal parts impressive and totally horrifying. Even though everything is exceedingly “Uncanny Valley,” it is nonetheless an impressive demonstration of modern technical advancements.

Ameca has recently received an upgrade. The use of chatbot AI GPT-3, which enables it to communicate freely without any input from humans, has been added by a team of UK academics. The future is actually here thanks to their accurate humanoid robot, which can carry on a full conversation with you and move its face realistically.

According to Engineered Arts, the company that created Ameca, “nothing in this video is pre-scripted – the model is given a basic prompt describing Ameca, providing the robot a description of self – it’s pure #AI.”

The time lag for processing the speech input, coming up with the response, and turning the text back into speech is what causes the pauses.

According to Engineered Arts, the robot is designed to serve as a platform for the advancement of human-robot interaction. Ameca claims in the video that the robot might be used for a variety of purposes, from assisting in dangerous situations to simply being a friend to people who need one. Though it won’t be long before a robot assistant welcomes you at stores, offices, and potentially even fast food restaurants thanks to the relatively simple connection between chatbots and humanoid robots seen here.