Use of Chemicals in Analytical Process

The process used in the laboratory for the measured use of chemicals in analytical process is Semi-micro or micro analysis.

Advantages of this process:

(i) To perform an experiment perfectly.

(ii) To prevent the wastage of chemical reagents.

(iii) Overall to save the environment.

(iv) Experiment can be done in a short time

(v) Not so highly costing method.

The following carefulness should be taken during heating a liquid in a test tube:

(i) Apron should be put on.

(ii) Test tube should be hold by test tube holder.

(iii) Heat should be given to the test tube equally.

(iv) Safety glass or hood should be used to protect eyes

(v) Hand gloves should be used.

Heat cannot be given to ethanol in a direct flame of Bunsen burner. Because, ethanol is a flammable liquid. It is easily burn when come in contract with very nearly to the flame or lice and that is why accident may occur.

If unconsciously some liquids, (acid or base) enter into the mouth during taking that liquid using pipette during titration, then the liquid should be thrown out and the mouth should be washed by pure water again and again.

If Sulphuric acid falls on hands then the hands should be washed under the stream of water from the tap.