Bad Effect of the Chemical Reagents

The bad effect of the chemical reagents are described below:

(i) Heavy metals like Hg causes great injury in the nervous system.

(ii) Due to the uses of phosphorus fertilizer and mine activities cadmium is increased on the soil. This cadmium are transfer to the animal body by food corn & vegetable grown on the soil. Cadmium harms mainly kidney.

(iii) Cyanide compounds are very poisonous even in the case of low vaporization.

(iv) Due to the involvement with potassium for a long time it can create rash on skin, headache, itching in mucus membrane. It causes sleepless, weightless etc.

(v) Potassium iodide is very dangerous for soil, water, drinking water and drainage system.

(vi) When potassium hydrogen thalate is heated, CO2 & CO gas are emitted which are very dangerous.

(vii) Copper compounds may create headache, vomitting & diarrhea.

(viii) Copper (ii) Sulphate is very poisonous for micro- organism and has a long lasting effect on the environment. It produces H2SO4 when it come in contact with air and heat which is harmful for environment.

(ix) Magnesium can create poisonous and irritating smog, fire even this can occurs explosion when it is come in contact with air which is dangerous to all.

(x) Sodium disulphide create allergy.

(xi) Zincoxide is very dangerous because it is corrosive.

(xii) Zinc increase the acidity of water and cause great harm to the environment.

(xiii) Different organic compounds e.g ethylacetate cause itching or irritation to the nose, eyes and neck, toluene harms the leaf membrane of plants, Chlorobenzene causes harm to respiratory system and caused paralysis, ethanol is used as drugs and create problem in nervous system and liver.