Experiment: Make Crystals of Salt from Saline Water

Experiment: Make Crystals of Salt from Saline Water

Task: To make crystals of salt from saline water.

Required accessories: 2 beakers, spoon, stirrer, tripod stand, wire-net, funnel, spirit lamp, filter paper, stand with ring, some impure salt and water.

Procedure: Make a mixture by taking 200 ml water and 50 gram impure salt in a beaker. Make a salt-water solution e.g. pure saline water by filtration. Now take saline water in a beaker, keep it on the wire-net over the tripod stand and continue to apply heat with the help of a burning spirit lamp. When the saline water in the beaker reduces to half of its volume due to heat, stop heating it. After this cover the beaker and leave it to cool down.

After the cooling down of the beaker do you see any change? The grains of salt begin to accumulate on the bottom or wall of the beaker. These grains are the crystals of the salt. This process of making the crystals of the salt is called crystallization. Some time to get crystals from the saline water, a few salt grains are to be added in it from outside. At this, grain granulated salt accumulate quickly surrounding the added salt.