Define Pyropharic Substances and Explain How to Overcome this Hazards

Pyrophoric substances: The substances which are spontaneously burned in the air are called pyrophoric substances.

Examples: Li, Na, Yellow phosphorus etc.

Minimization of Possible Pyrophoric Substances Hazards:

(i) Before using the glass apparatus, it should be observed properly so that has no any broken sign in the apparatus. Broken burette, pipette, beaker should not be used anyhow.

(ii) Beaker, bottle & other glassware should not be held on the upper portion but hold in the side on the lower portion.

(iii) Thick glass ware should be carried in a container instead of carrying by hands.

(iv) Brush or dustpan should be used to remove the broken glass Tongs or forceps should be used to remove, broken glass from the sink.

(v) Broken pieces of glass should be kept in a specific glass dust pot.

(vi) Hands gloves should be used to fit the cork in glassy are Ben grease or glycerin can be used in this case.

(vii) Glass apparatus should not fill up with reagent by force

(viii) More precaution should be taken during the fitting of pipette filler in pipette and vertical settlement of burette.