General Safety Rules for Laboratory

General safety rules for the laboratory are given below:

  • It should be needed to put on the lab coat or apron at the first stage.
  • At the starting of the experiment, apparatus should be clean and the working place should be kept neat & clean.
  • Before using any chemicals we have to read the indication about that reagent.
  • Spatula should be used to take any solid reagents instead of using hands.
  • ‘Pipette filler’ should be used to take any solution using a pipette.
  • It is prohibited to take of any chemicals.
  • Eating & drinking are inhibited to the laboratory.
  • Everyone should be attentive during the experiment.
  • Unused reagent should be kept in a definite place so that it does not make any harmful effect.
  • Unnecessarily burner should not burn.
  • Always try to the safe use of chemicals in a laboratory.