Uses of Chromium Plating

Chrome plate continues to take part in an significant role in a number of key manufacturing areas and Poeton expect this to continue well into the future.

  1. The articles to be plated with chromium are made the cathode in an electrolytic bath consisting of chromic acid and sulphuric acid while the anode is made of a plate of lead. During electrolysis chromium deposits on the article (cathode). Generally the articles are first plated with nickel and then subjected to chromium plating.
  2. In the manufacture of alloy steels (e.g.) chrome steel, chrome vanadium steel, stainless steel and tungsten steel.
  3. Chrome nickel steel is used for armour plates.
  4. Chromium salts are used as mordants and in the manufacture of coloured glass and pottery.
  5. Chromium compounds are used in dyeing as pigments and in tanning of leather.