VCs to Meet with StartupAlley+ Cohort at Disrupt 2021

VCs to Meet with StartupAlley+ Cohort at Disrupt 2021

This year we’re showcasing at Startup Alley, the hub of opportunity at every disruption time, at a whole new level in TechCrunch Disruption 2021 (September 21-23). Team TechCrunch is a unique, VIP experience designed to grow your business, tap 50 exhibition founders to take part in Startup Alley +, expanding your chances two months before Disruptive Kicks closes. Want a shot? Buy a startup Oli Pass before they go. Pro Tip: The Startup Oli + experience cost no more than the amount each founder pays to showcase in Startup Oli. You will be notified if your resume is accepted at Startup Alley a week later.

One of the many benefits you’ll get as a member of Startup Oli + Cohort is access to leading investors and a warm identity – each startup founder’s favorite network connection. We will have a real volume of VCs before the disruption starts and how we will match the firms with the founders and investors on the basis of investment alignment. At our investor-founder platform CrunchMatch you will meet your eminent VC. Get comfortable, because your disruptive investors will have access to the full list – use CrunchMatch to meet other investors before and during the conference.

And what startup comes with Oli + experience? It starts July 8-9 with an acclaimed founder pass on marketing and fundraising at the TechCrunch early stage. Check out the agenda of the event packed into presentations and breakout sessions and don’t miss the second day pitch competition. In the disruptive run-up, you will be able to take part in these masterclasses and learn from the best.

  • Strategies for Communicating with VC and Press with Redpoint Venture’s Annie Kadvi and TechCrunch Editor Danny Crichton
  • Key Principles of the Lean Startup Approach with John Lin, Founder of CELA Innovation
  • How to create a product / market fit with Dan Olsen, author of “The Lean Product Playbook”

Get ready to compete in the mini pitch-off in one of these five additional crunch live feed-back sessions. Whip your pitch in shape now – before impressing your investors.