Voucher definition in terms of Accounting

Voucher definition in terms of Accounting

Voucher is a written document in sustain of a transaction. It is a document that shows goods have bought or services have been rendered, authorizes payment, and indicates the ledger account(s) in which these transactions have to be recorded.

It is a evidence that a exacting transaction has taken consign for the worth stated in the voucher. A voucher is generally arranged after a vendor’s invoice has been coordinated with the company’s purchase order and receiving report. It may be in the form of cash receipt, invoice, cash memo, bank pay-in-slip etc. Voucher is essential to assessment the accounts.

A voucher is often a renumbered form used in the accounts payable section to homogenize and improve a company’s domestic control over payments to its vendors and service providers.  A voucher usually contains the following information:

  • The identification number of the vendor
  • The amount to be paid
  • The date on which payment should be made
  • The accounts to be charged to record the liability
  • An approval signature or stamp