What is Solar Energy?

The energy that we obtain from the sun is called Solar Energy. It is known to all that the sun is the source of all energy. The origin of all forms of energy is from the solar energy in one way or the other. For an example, the fossil fuel such as coal, mineral, oil, and natural gas is actually a store of solar energy for a long time. From ancient times man is using sunlight directly to dry things. At present man is adopting various means to use the solar energy round the clock. Ignition can be done by concentrating sun’s rays- with the help of a convex lens. Solar cooker consists of a metallic bowl on which the solar rays are reflected. The cooker can be used in cooking purposes.

The solar rays are used to keep the dwelling houses warm in cold countries. Solar energy is used for drying purposes of crops, fish, vegetables etc. Dried fish can be preserved for many days. More examples of solar energy are- solar water heater, solar cooker etc. Solar cell has been made by using modern technology. The characteristics of a solar cell are that the cell produces electricity instantly while solar rays fall upon it. There are various uses of solar cell.

  • This cell is used to supply electricity in artificial satellites. For this reason the artificial satellites move along their orbits for a long time.
  • Solar energy is being used to operate different electronic devices like pocket calculator, pocket radio and electronic watch.
  • Currently electrical energy is produced from solar energy in the rural area, houses or offices to meet up the need of electricity.

The advantage of solar energy is that it does not pollute the environment. There is almost no possibility of danger in using this energy. There is also no possibility of sudden exhaustion of solar energy. This is why it is likely to be used as a prospective fuel instead of fossil fuel.