Arc opens its remote career platform to all software developers

Arc opens its remote career platform to all software developers

The COVID-19 epidemic threw remote work into the spotlight, but tech companies have rented out other areas to tackle the talent crisis year after year. Arc announced today that it is opening up a remote recruitment platform to its software developers. Previously, Arc was only open to developers who had passed the verification process.

Developers can still verify separately from other applicants, but Arc’s work database and search engine are now available to everyone. Arc launched the team two years ago behind Coordinator, an online learning platform for software developers. Since then, Arc has been used by companies such as Spotify, Hims, Hubspot and Five Stars for rent. Its investors include Tech Stars, 500 startups, WI Harper and Y Combinator.

Arc opens its remote career platform to all software developers

“We’re proud of the impact we’ve had on developers, we really want to scale that impact, and that’s why we’ve decided to create a lot more products,” said Waiting Liu, founder and CEO of TechCrunch. The new version of Arc focuses on two features: its smart remote job search engine and the developing community. Crawled job boards and other sites for Arc’s databases and has so far opened 54,000 developers from 13,000 companies. Its search engine then removes some of the challenges associated with searching for remote work.

 “A common complaint, for example, is that a lot of jobs are remote, but only in the United States. Or it’s just remote until the epidemic is over, “Liu said.” Our algorithm will optimize it based on your situation. For example, if you’re a developer based in Asia or Eastern Europe, there are some job opportunities that are unfortunately for you based on time zones. Not applicable. So we filter all this based on your experience and technology stack to offer the most relevant work.” The Arc Community is a resource for software developers who want to learn about new or remote work practices in remote work.

For example, “Questions like these might be, should my format for America-based employers be in this format, or what are the tools and cultural norms used?” Liu Dr. “If anyone is looking for a position with an American company, we will talk the practice of general interviewing or even private work practices to see how many companies use Slack. This is where the community comes in and we want to enable developers who are already working remotely to share their experiences.”