Blizzard and Adobe are Using Generative AI Tools to Act as ‘Co-pilots’ for Humans

Blizzard and Adobe are Using Generative AI Tools to Act as ‘Co-pilots’ for Humans

Adobe and Activision Blizzard are both releasing generative artificial intelligence tools, albeit both have stated that the AI tools are designed to assist humans in developing content and will not replace jobs.

Adobe introduced “Generative Fill” on May 23, allowing users to “generate content from inside Photoshop with a text prompt.”

The same day, The New York Times reported that Allen Adham, chief design officer at Activision Blizzard, told staff in an email last month that the company is looking into using image-generating AI to help with game creation.

Adobe’s latest tool is designed to “co-pilot” with humans rather than replace graphic designers.

Blizzard’s vice president of global insights, Andrew Guerrero, had a similar opinion, stating that the purpose of the company’s AI tool, Blizzard Diffusion, “is to remove a repetitive and manual process and enable artists to spend more time on creativity.”

Meanwhile, Adobe’s Asia-Pacific head of digital media and strategy, Chandra Sinnathamby, told The Guardian on May 23 that its tool was “intended as a co-pilot to speed up the process rather than to replace graphic designers altogether.”

Sinnathamby stated that safeguards had been taken to avoid confusion between what humans created and what AI-generated. According to him, artists who supplied stock photographs get compensated when the AI uses them.

Adobe and Blizzard aren’t the only tech businesses that are excited about generative AI.

Nikesh Arora, CEO of Palo Alto Networks, spoke on Mad Money with Jim Cramer on May 23 to highlight the benefits of generative AI for cybersecurity.

He said that using it will considerably boost productivity and allow the company to “double in size within the next few years without having to proportionally scale employees.”

The developments come as the creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI, warned that “AI systems will exceed expert skill level in most domains” in 10 years and urged for stronger government oversight of AI development.

Many people have expressed concern about potential job losses as a result of AI growth and adoption, while others have stated that the technology might create as much new employment as it takes away.