The Nikon F mount is not dead, according to Nikon

The Nikon F mount is not dead, according to Nikon

Did you know yesterday was National Opposite Day? Appropriately, after allegations circulated on the internet that all Nikon F mount products had been withdrawn, Nikon responded to the contrary, stating that they had not.

The assertion was first made by Nikon Rumors. “This is not news and has probably been the case for a while: all Nikon F-mount products are already out of production,” according to the site.

“This means that once the current inventory is depleted, the F-mount cameras and lenses will simply be discontinued and never produced again.”

The news was picked up by sources in Nikon’s home Japan, prompting Mynavi to contact the manufacturer for confirmation.

The Nikon F mount is not dead, according to Nikon

“The article on the camera information site did not mention the source of the information, and I felt that the information was unreliable, so I asked a Nikon Imaging Japan spokesperson if production of F-mount products had ended,” according to the Japanese news outlet. “The representative responded as follows.

‘We will avoid responding to the information posted on external websites. Production, sales, and support for F-mount goods will continue as usual, so please utilize them with confidence.

So there you have it. While we haven’t seen any new F-mount items in a long time, and it appears doubtful that we will see any again, they are still being manufactured.

We have seen a considerable number of F-mount goods discontinued, including the Nikon D500, Nikon D3500 and D5600, the Coolpix B600, and several F-mount lenses, but to say that the entire lineup has been laid to rest is inaccurate.

It may just be a matter of time, but the Nikon F system is now alive and well. The top Nikon cameras and lenses still include some fantastic F-mount accessories.