Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Employees Call Him the Eye of Sauron in a Loving Way

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Employees Call Him the Eye of Sauron in a Loving Way

Employees at Meta refer to Mark Zuckerberg as “The Eye of Sauron,” according to him. He argues that they do it in a loving manner, similar to how you could refer to a good friend as “Cthulhu, world-destroyer” or “Y’Golonac, God of perversion and depravity.” He informed Tim Ferriss on his show that his hands-on approach had earned him the friendly moniker, referring to the blazing all-seeing eye used by the Dark Lord in JRR Tolkein’s epic works in the Third Age of Middle Earth.

He told Ferriss, “Some of the people I work with at the firm say this kindly.” “However, I believe they refer to my attentiveness as the Eye of Sauron on occasion.” Part of his moniker stems from his hands-on approach and what he characterizes as his “unending amount of enthusiasm to go work on anything,” as well as his proclivity for surprising people rather than scheduling meetings in advance.

“I simply believe the engagement that you get from having an immediate feedback loop around thinking about something and then getting to go talk to the folks who are working on it is so much better than going and booking a meeting that will be three weeks later,” he said on the show. 

We suppose it’s better than “Gorgon, the Bringer of Death” or, even worse, “The Zuck.” Employees at Meta refer to founder Mark Zuckerberg as the ‘Eye of Sauron,’ according to reports.

In a conversation with podcast host Tim Ferriss, Mark Zuckerberg disclosed the nickname. “I think some of the people I work with at the firm refer to my attention as the Eye of Sauron,” Mr. Zuckerberg added, alluding to the Lord of the Rings villain who is traditionally represented as a blazing eye that sees everything and is the source of evil in Middle Earth.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has been called many things throughout the years. The multi-billionaire has been referred to as “alien,” “robot,” “lizard,” and even “skinwalker,” among other derogatory terms. While it’s one thing to be called names by Internet commentators, you’d think that Zuckerberg’s workers would stay out of it. Meta workers, it turns out, not only partake in the name-calling, but they also have their own nicknames for him.