Magnetic Permeability

Magnetic Permeability

Magnetic permeability

The ratio of the magnetic induction created in a medium to the magnetic intensity is called the absolute permeability or permeability of that medium.

Magnetic permeability, μ = B/H.

In other words, it can be said, if a magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field of unit intensity then magnetic flux density or magnetic induction that is generated in it is called the magnetic permeability of that material. In vacuum μ = I and B = H, so it should be remembered that although numerically B and H are equal dimensions is not the same.

Magnetic permeability is a determination of the ability of a material to uphold a magnetic field, equivalent to the ratio between magnetic flux density and magnetic field strength. The magnetic permeability of a material indicates the ease with which an external magnetic field can generate a superior magnetic force of magnetism in the material. The SI unit of magnetic permeability is Henry per meter. For a vacuum, its value is 1.257 × 10-6 henries per meter. Highly magnetizable materials, such as ferromagnetic materials, have higher magnetic permeability.