Define Lipid with its Characteristics and Types

Lipid: The saturated or unsaturated compounds consisting of carbon. hydrogen and oxygen which are insoluble in water but soluble in ether, benzine chloroform etc. are known as lipids.


Characteristics of lipid:

  • They are almost insoluble in water.
  • They are soluble in ether, alcohol, benzin. chloroform solutions etc.
  • It is present as an ester of fatty acid (actual or potential)
  • It is used in the living organisms
  • They are modified into fatty acids at the end of hydrolysis
  • Since the specific gravity of lipid is less than water, it floats in water.
  • The melting point of lipid is indefinite. The more the molecular weight of lipid the more is the melting point.

Types of lipid: Lipid can be of five types according to molecular structure. Such as-

  1. Tri-glyceride
  2. Phospholipid
  3. Glycolipid
  4. Steroid
  5. Terpenes
  6. Terpenoid lipid
  7. Wax.