Define Glycogen with Structure abd Functions

Glycogen: Glycogen is a nutritive polysaccharide. It is mainly a reserve carbohydrate of animal bodies. Thus, it is also called an animal carbohydrate.

Position: Glycogen is stored in liver and muscles of animal bodies as reserve food. Besides, one cyanobacterium (Blue grin algae) and some fungus (e.g.-Yeast) contain glycogen as a reserve food.

Structure: The main structural unit of glycogen is Deglucose. The glycogen chain is branched and each chain contains 10 to 20 glucose molecules.

Chemical formula- (C6 H10 O5)n


Functions of glycogen:

  1. The glycogen of liver is broken down into glucose and keeps the normal level of glucose.
  2. The muscular glycogen supplies energy which helps in muscular contraction and expansion.