Transportation of Carbon Dioxide of Toad

The transportation of carbon dioxide exactly the reverse process of oxygen transportation. That is, carbon-dioxide enriched blood is transported from the body cells towards the respiratory organs. Carbon dioxide is much more soluble in blood than oxygen

Carbon dioxide transportation happens in 3 ways.

(a) In the form of carbonic acid: A part of the carbon dioxide is mixed with the water and is transported as carbonic acid.

(b) In the form of bi-carbonate: Blood plasma carries carbon dioxide in the form of sodium bi-carbonate, and the red blood corpuscles in the form of potassium bi-carbonate.

(c) In the form of carbamino compound: Blood plasma and red blood corpuscles transport carbon-dioxide in the form of carbamino compound.

Carbon dioxide is more soluble in blood than is oxygen; about 5 to 7 percent of all carbon dioxide is dissolved in the plasma. Carbon dioxide has the ability to attach to hemoglobin molecules; it will be removed from the body once they become dissociated from one another.